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0022571CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2011-11-24 15:46
Reporterszy Assigned Tojgv 
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Summary0022571: BRepTools_ReShape::Status() incorrectly returns new result for shapes with location
DescriptionRLN contribution:
fix230 ==> bug
- Detailed description: With MyConsiderLocation mode = True, Status() returns a
shape with null location
        Fixed version now uses Value() to check the result. Additional fix in
Value() - to multiply result
        location by shape location, not vice versa.
        Test case - import shaver.igs into XDE, and check that subshapes are of
full yellow color. Quick
        check - entity 10921 and its 1st face (10922). Prior to the fix, the
TransferProcess incorrectly
        stored a null location result and therefore colors were not assigned to
the resulting subshape.

fix345 ==> Improvement
- Summary: BRepTools_ReShape now is able to accumulate shape mapping from
another ShapeBuild_ReShape
- Detailed description: New method void BRepTools_ReShape::Join (const
Handle(ShapeBuild_ReShape)&) added.
        The use case for it is concurrent processing of shapes and then
reduction of results into a single ReShape.

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