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0022560Community[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2011-06-01 13:542016-07-07 07:04
Assigned Tojgv 
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Summary0022560: Extrema redesign
Detailed description of fix 210:
    - Temporary modification: GeometryTest
    - IntTools_BeanBeanIntersector:
        ComputeUsingExtrema() - take one of two GeomAdaptors out of cycle as it does
not change
    - Extrema
        - SquareDistance. Check TrimmedSqDistances !! Search Distance(), Magnitude()
inside Extrema
        - Point return const& and update callers (may add private copy constructor and
operator= to ensure update of all callers)
        - Loading and deferred perform
        - caching point calculation
        - Raise_if instead of ::Raise()
    - Updated callers: gce_MakeCirc, GC_MakeArcOfCircle, etc
    - Extrema:
        - Replacement of all internal calculations with SquareDistance
    - IntTools:
        - create adaptor only when needed but still once per UsingExtrema() call
    - Extrema:
        - ExtCC, _GenExtCC, _GExtCC:
            - deferred perform, independent loading of curve, caching of points, etc
            - simplified code of GExtCC::Perform()
    - Extrema:
        - _CurveCache and switching _GExtCC and _GenExtCC to its using for maximum
reuse of calculations
    - Extrema:
        - cache of myDu and myDv in FuncExtCC

    - TODO (if needed):
        rename into SquareDistance() and LowerSquareDistance(), this may require
further updates downstream and update of documentation

1. Extrema_FuncExtCC.cdl: added new fields - myDu, myDv
2. Extrema_FuncExtCC.gxx: replaced old fields by new fields of the class

Branch ==> OCC22560_ExtremaOptimizations
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related to 0026269assignedaml Open CASCADE Extrema package revision 

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