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0022549CommunityOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2023-09-01 18:21
ReporterszyAssigned Todpasukhi  
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Summary0022549: Improved thread-safety of TransferProcess
DescriptionRLN contribution (fix 106 - transfer_threadsafety).
                - removed self-made "optimization" (storing last used key and
binder) which is
                  non-applicable in multi-threaded environment
                - FindAndMask() removed
                - Some methods made returning const& (in fact, CDL contained
errors in methods declarations)
                - miscellaneous code optimizations

1. Transfer_TransferProcess.cdl:
        a) class TransferMap => private
        b) removed method FindAndMask (me : mutable; start : TheStart);
        c) removed C++ option( return const &) for method Transferring
        d) removed fields: thelastobj, thelastbnd, theindex
2. Transfer_TransferProcess.gxx:
        a) static variables nultrans, nulbinder ==> to static const

Branch ==> OCC22549_TransferTSafety
Additional information
and documentation updates
Could you consider this patch.
If you are busy than reassign, please to somebody of DE pool.
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