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0022053CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2011-11-24 11:50
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Fixed in Version6.5.0 
Summary0022053: Synchronization of the implementation and the documentation for Geom_ConicalSurface
1. "currently I am working with cones and I am curious if the evaluation code is
correct. In 'Geom_ConicalSurface.hxx' is said 'The parametric equation of the
cone is: P(u, v) = O + (R + v*tan(Ang)) * (cos(u)*XDir + sin(u)*YDir) + v*ZDir'.
But 'ElSLib.cxx' contains different implementation in ElSLib::ConeValue which
gives different results."

2."That's it: ElSLib returns ... + V*ZDir * cos(Angle). Thus, the v parameter is
a length along the generatrix, not the Z coordinate.
I was scratching my head for a couple of hours when was working on CAD Exchanger
Parasolid converter. Parasolid has the parametrization as documented in Open
CASCADE .hxx but Open CASCADE is not consistent with it ;-).

So it is the Open CASCADE cdl file (Geom_ConicalSurface.cdl) that needs to be
fixed to write a correct formula."
Additional information
and documentation updates
Documentation remark, added by JGV 2011-02-08 13:47:13:

Comments in cdl file are modified to agree with implementation in cxx
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Fix has been integrated to occt repository

Date: 2011-02-14 13:35:09 +0300 (Mon, 14 Feb 2011)
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