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0021955CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2013-07-10 18:10
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Summary0021955: Tolerance control in Extrema
DescriptionThis is contribution from OCC user Jane Hu put on Projects section on at 2008-10-09, see


During solving a bug, I notice that in point Extrema code, tolerance check
isn't carried over to details, thus boundary points often can't be found in the
U V space. I have following patches to correct it, as bugs coming, I may have
more patches to fix similar problems.
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  • JaneHu_Extrema.patch (1,863 bytes)


2010-08-11 12:15


JaneHu_Extrema.patch (1,863 bytes)


2013-07-10 18:10

manager   ~0025017

The version of the patch for OCCT 6.6.0 can be found at

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