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0021518CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2011-12-15 16:27
ReporterszvAssigned Toszv 
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Fixed in Version6.4.0 
Summary0021518: Improvement of the function Angle2D in BOP_WireSplitter.cxx
DescriptionThis problem is reported on the Forum

"I have been having problems with BRepAlgoAPI_Cut when I have two solids that
have overlapping faces and where one solid is not entirely inside the other.
Think of a small cube and a large cube that share one corner. OpenCascade
constantly crashed when trying to cut these.
In the end I have tracked it down to a failure in the Angle2D method of
BOP_WireSplitter. At the end of this function it creates a gp_Dir2d instance and
then crashes when it calls the Angle function."

The suggested (extended by SZV) fix is attached.
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2009-12-15 10:51 (7,407 bytes)

2009-12-18 13:44


BOP_WireSplitter.cxx (27,498 bytes)


2010-06-23 13:37

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New Revision: 8003

OCC21518 Improvement of the function Angle2D in BOP_WireSplitter.cxx
Developed by : SZV

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