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0020416Open CASCADEOCCT:DRAWpublic2023-09-29 16:42
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Summary0020416: Simplifying DRAWEXE for Windows
DescriptionThese improvements were proposed by Roman Lygin.

1. Currently DRAWEXE on Win32 platform creates one main and two working
threads (see Draw_Window.cxx) , one responsible for processing Tcl events,
another reading console input.

Possibility to combine the two latter with the window messages processing in
the main application thread and thus avoid unnecessary multithreading should
be analyzed and implemented if found feasible.

2. Support of two linking modes - SUBSYSTEM:CONSOLE and SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS -
seems redundant, console mode is sufficient and MDI looks obsolete. Therefore,
it makes sense to eliminate support of SUBSYSTEM:WINDOWS linking option and
MDI interface to simplify DRAWEXE source code and make it more understandable.
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related to 0028086 new Improve Usability of Draw 



2023-04-25 14:26

administrator   ~0113412

Please, review this ticket, and tell me if it is not relevant. I'll close it.


2023-04-26 11:18

administrator   ~0113419

Last edited: 2023-04-26 11:18

The idea is not implemented yet. And it relevant for the current master.
So, I think we don't need to close the issue.
There 2 problems. The second was resolved and first should be analyzed

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