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0017099CommunityOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2009-06-24 15:21
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Fixed in Version6.2.1 
Summary0017099: [OCC Forum] bug in reading IGES file
DescriptionThis bug is reported by JMB on OCC Forum thread 10581



Just to mention that there is a bug in Interface_ParamSet::Append when reading
the General section of an IGES file.
This method has as input a String, and try to store it inside some local array
of characters.

The problem is in the following lines of code :

// .. Gestion locale des caracteres ..
Standard_Integer i;
if (thelnval + lnval + 1 > thelnres) {
// Reservation de caracteres insuffisante : d abord augmenter
Standard_Integer newres = thelnres*2;
char* newval = new char[newres];

As you can guess (even if you don't understand french comments), if the size of
the string to add (lnval) tends to be greater than the current allocated size
(thelnres), then it tries to do some reallocation job by growing the reserved
size by twice.
Well I must admit that this is an original implementation of reallocation

And what if the string to add still have a greater size after multiplying by
2... ?
Yes, it will probaly crash soon or later because there is writing in memory non-

Hope OCC team will correct this.


Jean Michel
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related to 0017026 closedgka Open CASCADE Problem of reading an IGES files 


2007-10-02 15:18


bug17099.tar.gz (1,709 bytes)

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