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0006497Community[OCCT] OCCT:Data Exchangepublic2004-08-25 09:482006-06-29 09:15
[OCCT] 5.2.2 
0006497: Bug in IGESControl_Reader::PrintTransferInfo
Bug From Open CASCADE Community
Registered by Rob Bachrach [^]

I believe I have found a bug in IGESControl_Reader::PrintTransferInfo.
The third line of the file has the code: thesession->MapReader().
thesession is a private handle to a XSControl_WorkSession object and
is declared in IGESControl_Reader.hxx. Unfortunately, it is never
initialized. As a result, MapReader is called on a null entity. On
the PC this seems to throw an exception every time. On my Solaris
system, it crashes with a segmentation fault.

I did notice that XSControl_Reader also has a private member called
thesession that gets initialized in its contructor. I have a feeling
the declaration of thesession in IGESControl_Reader.hxx is a bug.
If this line were removed, everything would most likely work fine.
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