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0032226Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2021-03-18 12:242021-04-09 14:15
[OCCT] 7.6.0* 
0032226: Modeling Algorithms - Bad models with BRepCheck_CollapsedEdge checkshape error
There are incorrect models on which the "checkshape" command gives an BRepCheck_CollapsedEdge error. I dont know now how fix these models, my be they are really fatally bad. This issue will be containts list of them.
List of bad models:
- bug31144.brep
- result in test bugs modalg_1 bug10232
- bugs modalg_2 bug287
- bugs modalg_2 bug406
- bugs modalg_2 bug22770_3
- bugs modalg_2 bug22770_5
- bugs modalg_2 bug22770_18
- bugs modalg_2 bug22770_20
- bugs modalg_7 bug27614
- bugs modalg_7 bug28786_4
- bugs step bug30052_3
- bugs vis bug28936
- draft angle L4
- heal split_closed_faces E4
- heal split_closed_faces E5
- heal split_closed_faces E6
- heal split_closed_faces E9
- heal surface_to_bspline E5
- heal surface_to_bspline E6
- heal surface_to_bspline E7
- heal surface_to_bspline F1
- sewing tol_100 C3
- sewing tol_100 C5
- sewing tol_100 J4
- sewing tol_100 J5
- sewing tol_100 M8

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Note that call of 'checkshape' is not needed in the test 'bugs mesh bug31144' to check the bug 0031144.