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0031719Community[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2020-08-19 18:092020-09-14 10:55
Vico Liang 
[OCCT] 7.4.0 
[OCCT] 7.5.0 
0031719: no default Chinese Unicode support
Graphic3d_Text has issue when drawing Chinese unicode text.It will draw a placeholder rectangle. Is it possible to draw unicode such as Chinese for any font selected? It's difficult to know which font should be used in program.
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duplicate of 0031720closed bugmaster Community Visualization, Font_FontMgr - register one more CJK fallback font available on newer Android devices 
related to 0030782closed bugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization, Font_FTFont - use predefined fallback fonts for extended Unicode subsets 
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2020-08-19 19:12   
Please be more specific on use case:
- Text example.
- System (including version).
- Warnings/errors emitted by Font Manager (consider enabling logging Trace (Message_Trace) messages in addition to defaults).

Here is a Draw Harness sample from 0030782:
dtracelevel trace
vfont -verbose 1
vinit View1
vpoint p00  0  0 0;vpoint p01  0 10 0;vpoint p11 10 10 0;vpoint p10 10  0 0
vzoom 0.8
vdrawtext t2 "简体中文 (Chinese)"    -pos  0  2 0 -halign left  -font cjk
vdrawtext t3 "简体中文 (Chinese)"    -pos 10  3 0 -halign right -font sans

Application may specify font explicitly, based on its knowledge of properties of system fonts or with help of extra fonts shipped with application itself.

OCCT defines several fallback fonts for CJK glyphs (as Western fonts usually do not provide CJK glyphs and specialized CJK fonts has poor support of Western subset), but as OCCT doesn't ship any fonts, the availability of these specific fonts depends on a system. Fallback list could be extended to handle new / changed systems considering new fonts coming with the system.

Another alternative is probing all system fonts for available UNICODE subsets in case of absence of predefined one, but picking an arbitrary font might be not good.
Vico Liang   
2020-08-19 20:21   
(edited on: 2020-08-19 20:22)
It works well if the font is selected correctly. I see the fallback solution for such Unicode, i thought it would work.In most cases, the font is available and the problem might be the fallback not working.

2020-08-31 15:21   
Dear bugmaster,

please close as duplicate of 0031720.