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0031079Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2019-10-18 10:122020-12-02 17:12
[OCCT] 7.5.0[OCCT] 7.5.0 
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0031079: Visualization - embed minimal fallback font
Some platforms do not provide access to system font files (iOS, WASM), while on others there is some risk not finding location of system fonts (Linux).
In this case, 3D Viewer will be unable displaying any text if application will not package its own font file and register it within OCCT font manager.

Although packaging font files with application is unavoidable in general on such platforms (it is up to application to decide how text should look and which UNICODE ranges are necessary to handle), missing text in 3D viewer is an issue for first development steps and for debugging.
In particular, X/Y/Z labels in V3d_Trihedron, box labels in AIS_ViewCube, performance counters in OpenGl viewer requires minimal sub-set of Latin letters, and it will be good providing them.

For this purpose, it is proposed embedding a single fallback font into TKService. As this font will be rarely used, it is suggested compressing file with only Latin1 symbols.

DejaVu font is proposed for this purpose, as its extended MIT License shouldn't cause embedding issues.
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related to 0030439closed bugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization - extend fonts search within Font_FontMgr::FindFont() on Linux 
parent of 0031468closed bugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization - add public interface to return embedding a single fallback font 
child of 0027258closed apn Open CASCADE Configuration - generate built-in replacement for mandatory resource files 
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Patch is ready for review.
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Please add paragraph indicating the use of the font into the Acknowledgements section of overview.

In Font_FontMgr.hxx, new parameter "NoFailMsg" to method FindFont() could be probably better named "doFailMsg", with appropriate description (e.g. "In case of failure, send error message in default messenger"), and default True - just to facilitate comprehension.
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    # abv remarks

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    0031079: Visualization - embed minimal fallback font
    Font_FTFont::FindAndCreate() now loads embedded fallback font within Font_StrictLevel_Any level.
    Font_FontMgr::FindFont() - fixed misprint in message, and customized message for range fallback error.
    Font_FontMgr - added one more fallback Korean font for Linux.
    vfont command has been extended with options to clear Font Manager content.
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Reviewed with minor correction(documentation is amended), please integrate
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