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0030739Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Data Exchangepublic2019-05-23 22:552019-05-23 23:55
[OCCT] 7.3.0 
[OCCT] 7.4.0* 
0030739: Data Exchange - XCAFDoc_ShapeTool::IsComponent() is too slow
XCAFDoc_ShapeTool::IsComponent() checks rakes too much time on big assembly, hence it is desired to optimize this function.

At least redundant steps creating several Handles can be avoided within TDF_Label::FindAttribute() and TDF_AttributeIterator::Value().
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related to 0028853closed bugmaster Community TDF_AttributeIterator should give handles instead of pointers 
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    0030739: Data Exchange - XCAFDoc_ShapeTool::IsComponent() is too slow