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0030641Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2019-04-09 11:352019-10-23 16:56
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[OCCT] 7.4.0 
[OCCT] 7.4.0 
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0030641: Visualization - possibility to select in predefined ZLayers only
The reason of proposed improvement:

- the viewer scene contains objects in several layers (layer of usual 3D objects and several layers with objects used 2D persistent),
- there are a lot of objects displayed in default ZLayer,
- some of application algorithm requires selection of objects in only one of layers(e.g. in 2D layer).
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related to 0028638new kgv Community Improve pick performance by applying filter before geometry checking 
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One of possible solution is to Deactivate/Activate not necessary objects, but it seems that (as there are a lot of objects) it breaks performance.

So, is it possible to provide an interface to deactivate temporary some of ZLayers in selection mechanism of Visualization?
2019-04-09 11:49   
It looks clumsy introducing extra means of ZLayers deactivation/activation in selection.
Selection restrictions are usually done via selection filters (AIS_InteractiveContext::AddFilter()).

The performance of Deactivation/Activation is another issue.
One of possible improvements is splitting selection entities into dedicated BVH trees per Z-Layer, which would be consistent to how TKOpenGl already manages presentations.
So that adding/removing selectable object into auxiliary Z layer would not be slow in case of a large scene.

2019-04-09 12:07   
Branch CR30641 has been created by nds.

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Author: nds
Date: Tue Apr 9 12:00:28 2019 +0300

    0030641: Visualization - possibility to select in predefined ZLayers only
2019-04-09 12:10   
Dear Kirill,

please have a look at CR30641.

Best regards, Natalia
2019-09-04 18:11   
Dear bugmaster,

please close this issue.

The reason is that the expected problem with performance has not been discovered in checked cases even without modifications prepared for this issue.
2019-10-23 11:54   
Branch CR30641 has been deleted by kgv.

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