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0030602Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Testspublic2019-03-25 09:012021-03-04 07:46
[OCCT] 7.3.0 
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0030602: Tests - testdiff does not report known unstable cases properly
Test system supports "TODO ?" syntax marking known instabilities to be ignored.
puts "TODO ?OCC30012 Linux: Error: 10 curves are expected but 9 ones are found."

In general, this is a bad practice marking test cases in such way.
But anyway, testdiff report doesn't properly reports such cases.
In particular:
- Information about total amount of test cases with such "TODO ?".
  These are BAD cases, which should pay more attention than others.
- Information about cases, where "TODO ?" doesn't hit.
  Currently, it is impossible tracking if instability marked by "TODO ?"
  still happen or has been fixed by some patch.
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related to 0029111new bugmaster Reclassification of UNSTABLE test cases 
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    0030602: Tests - testdiff does not report known unstable cases properly
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