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0030566Community[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2019-03-13 08:592019-03-14 10:58
Vico Liang 
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[OCCT] 7.4.0 
[OCCT] 7.4.0 
0030566: Visualization - Prs3d_PointAspect never take affect on Android.
It must be a bug introduced latest. I updated the newest code from git today. Before updating, setting of Marker aspect works as expected; after updating, it will take no effect.

I try to do it from default drawer:
const Handle(Prs3d_Drawer)& aDefaultDrawer = aContext->DefaultDrawer();
Handle(Prs3d_PointAspect) aMarkAspect = new Prs3d_PointAspect(Aspect_TOM_O, Quantity_NOC_RED, 30.0);

or do it from Graphic Group:

Two options neither works.
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2019-03-13 09:42   
Please provide a complete code computing presentation group, and comment if issue is specific to Android or only tested on Android platform.
Vico Liang   
2019-03-13 10:49   
Dear kgv,

The code snippet as following:
    aGroup->AddPrimitiveArray(myArrayPoints, Standard_False);

    aGroup->AddPrimitiveArray(myArraySegments, Standard_False);

Above code snippet will reproduce the issue. but if i change the second SetGroupPrimitivesAspect to SetPrimitivesAspect, it works. After some deep digging on OCCT git, i found that it a desired behaviour since your latest merge Graphic3d_Group aspects 0029570 .
2019-03-13 11:02   
Yes, take a look onto porting instructions: [^]
Vico Liang   
2019-03-13 11:09   
Dear kgv, Thank you for the guide. Please close this.