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0030521: OCCT Qt Samples Cannot Be Built With MSYS or MSYS2
When using MinGW-w64 on Windows, it may be preferrable to use MSYS2 ( [^]) as a command line interpreter, because it feels like Unix and supports the MinGW-w64 toolchains very well.

However, building the Qt samples does not work with MSYS2. One of the main reasons is that the shell scripts are missing in the install folder. For example the folder samples/qt/Tutorial contains the scripts "", "" and "". Script "" contains the line
source ${aSamplePath}/../../../" $*;
but this line will fail, since the respective "env.h" file in the install folder is not present. Yet, the batch file "env.bat" has been installed. Is this like that, because the installation has happened on a Windows system?

If it could be changed, that all .sh scripts are also installed on Windows systems, then MSYS2 could probably be used to build the samples which would bring a real benefit for MinGW-w64 users.
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Existing .sh scripts within OCCT are not expected to be executed on Windows, even when bash interpretor is installed - so that you would need adopting them for Windows before usage.
2019-03-04 12:20   
I know. But perhaps only little adoption might suffice. If .sh scripts similar to the Linux target were installed and users want to use bash and minor additional adoptions were necessary for Windows, then could the users also do the adoption themselves?