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0030365Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2018-11-12 16:482019-07-18 12:34
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[OCCT] 7.5.0* 
0030365: Create tool to compute deviation between any 2D-curve and some its segment
See the message 0029203:0071647.


<< 3. Improve the algorithm of computation of deflection between discrete polygon and source curve (see method BRepTopAdaptor_FClass2d::Init()). Currently, the computed deflection is equal to the length of projection of middle-point of arc to the chord. New algorithm can be based on GCPnts_DistFunction2d class or can use simple iteration formula (obtained if we apply Newton-algorithm to GCPnts_DistFunction2d function):


where C' and C'' are 1st and 2nd derivative of the curve, obtained in the point U(n), D - direction of the segment of the polygon.

Please note that this formula is satisfied for 2D-space only. For 3D-algorithm it will look more complexly.
All necessary test cases have already been created and pushed to the branch.
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Author: nbv
Date: Mon Nov 12 17:00:06 2018 +0300

    0030365: Create tool to compute deviation between any 2D-curve and some its segment
    The tool, DRAW-command for its check and corresponding test cases have been created.
    See documentation about new tool in GeomLib_Tool.hxx file.
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Dear Mikhail,

Please review CR30365 branch.

Test results: [^]
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