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0030163Community[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2018-09-26 10:402018-12-04 15:47
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[OCCT] 7.3.0 
0030163: Faulty result of bopcommon for specific geometry
"bop s1 s2" gives following warning:
Some sub-shapes of some of the argument become connected through other shapes and the argument became self-interfered

"bopcommon" of the given example produces a faulty solid (edges r_18 and r_23 represent the same edge in the solid).

"bopcheck s1" and "bopcheck s2" give no hints.
DRAW commands:
restore s1.brep s1
restore s2.brep s2
bop s1 s2
bopcommon r
explode r E
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? s2.brep (235,975) 2018-09-26 10:40
? s1.brep (49,061) 2018-09-26 10:40
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Can be closed, one input shape was already faulty.