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0029728Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2018-04-25 12:592019-09-04 12:12
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0029728: Modeling Algorithms - BRepFill_PipeShell algorithm produces invalid result
BRepFill_PipeShell algorithm produces invalid result. Please see "WrongPipe.PNG" the attached picture.
restore [locate_data_file OCC26470-ClosedWire.brep] a
restore [locate_data_file OCC26470-wprof2.brep] b

mksweep a
addsweep b
buildsweep rr -R

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png WrongPipe.PNG (25,208) 2018-04-25 12:59
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2018-04-25 13:08   
Please note that on OCCT 7.2.0 the result is looked more aesthetic. However, it is not valid, too. Because it contains too small edge.


Draw[]> explode rr f
Draw[]> copy rr_4 ff2
Draw[]> explode ff2 e

Draw[]> lprops ff2_4 1.0e-4
# 1.21698e-007

Draw[]> toler ff2_4
# VERTEX : MAX=5.5040830459515754e-007 ... MIN=9.9999999999999995e-008

I.e. the edge ff2_4 is covered by the tolerance of its vertices.