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0029413Community[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2018-01-06 18:252018-01-09 17:54
Vico Liang 
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[OCCT] 7.3.0 
[OCCT] 7.4.0 
0029413: TransformPers won't work for Aspect_TOTP_LEFT_UPPER
Aspect_TOTP_LEFT_UPPER won't work when i try to define a 2d point as below. But it works if Aspect_TOTP_LEFT_LOWER is used.

SetTransformPersistence (new Graphic3d_TransformPers(Graphic3d_TMF_2d, Aspect_TOTP_LEFT_UPPER));
SetZLayer (Graphic3d_ZLayerId_TopOSD);
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related to 0029372closed bugmaster Graphic3d_TransformPers - improve description of Local Coordinate system defined by Transformation Persistence 
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2018-01-07 15:25   
What do you mean "it won't work"?
This functionality is covered by test cases, and works as expected - see bugs/vis/bug25783_1 for example.

vinit View1
vpoint p 50 -50 0
vdisplay p -2d topLeft 0 0 -osd

Beware that Aspect_TypeOfTriedronPosition flag defines only an origin of coordinate system, not it's orientation - it is always OY top and OX right.

Vico Liang   
2018-01-08 05:02   
Dear KGV,
My understanding is that Aspect_TypeOfTriedronPosition will also change the coordinate system orientation. Thank you for your important information.
Would you please add these information to document? it would be helpful for those who encounter problem in such situation.
2018-01-09 11:16   
The current documentation looks clear from my point of view.
If you thing that it can be improved - the patches are welcome!
Vico Liang   
2018-01-09 17:48   
OK, please close this issue, it's not so important to improve the document though it might be more clear to clarify the coordinate orientation.