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0029236Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2017-10-17 15:082020-09-14 22:56
[OCCT] 7.6.0* 
0029236: Cannot build a filet in blend/tolblend_simple/C1 test case
After the fix for issue #28211, test case blend/tolblend_simple/C1 has become failed.

The problem is connected with changes in classifier algorithm and has been highlighted to the separate test case tests/lowalgos/classifier/bug28211_19 with correspond comments.

"The tolerance for classification (Toler = 1.0e-4) is enough for returning ON-status. However, b2dclassifx returned wrong result before the fix." I.e. behavior of classifier algorithm has become better than on the MASTER.
test blend tolblend_simple C1
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