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0029015Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Testspublic2017-08-18 10:552017-09-29 16:29
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0029015: Testdiff - possibility to visualize image differences by toggling
Currently command testdiff generates HTML report showing, for each image differing between the two versions being compared, a row containing these two images and their diff (pixels that differ). Still, in case of minor differences it can be difficult to associate diff pixels shown on the third image with actual images and recognize the nature of the difference.

To make recognition of the difference easier, it is proposed to provide possibility to show the two actual images in the same place and toggle them by user click. This should helps a lot because the human eye will easily see the difference as movement.

Besides, GitHub has similar method to compare images and call it "onion skin", see [^]
Click on a diff image in the testdiff HTML report
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Author: abv
Date: Fri Aug 18 11:00:24 2017 +0300

    0029015: Testdiff - possibility to visualize image differences by toggling
    Command testdiff is improved to make HTML elements in the report showing diff images interactive: when user clicks on a diff image by mouse, it triggers between the A and B images.
    The diff image is shown back when the mouse cursor leaves the image.
2017-08-18 11:02   
Improvement is pushed to CR29015, please review and consider for integration. Testing is not needed
2017-08-24 14:46   
Reviewed, please integrate.
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Author: abv
Date: Tue Aug 29 13:51:49 2017 +0300

    0029015: Testdiff - possibility to visualize image differences by toggling - correction
    Javascript code is corrected to not depend on values of URLs of images
2017-09-04 18:20   
Branch CR29015_1 has been deleted by kgv.

SHA-1: 867550ea3a334238c4b48e6a7b1bbf65252705ca