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0028378: Documentation - Add information about binary brep
OCCT can operate with two different formats:

1) Classic text-based format
2) Modern binary-based format

Our documentation does not contain any mention of the binary format. I propose to add the following sections to the "user guide \ BRep format" document:

1) Section about formats itself (their differences and purposes)
2) Section about preferable extensions. It is time to define different extensions for each format. Such separation is widely used in other kernels (X_T / X_B, sat / sab)

"Technical Overview \ Draw Test Harness" should be extended by the "binsave" and "binrestore" commands.
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The methods for reading/writing binary BRep files are documented here: [^]
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(edited on: 2017-01-20 19:30)
This section highlights binary files from programmer point view. What about user point of view? What about conventions or extensions? For example, ".brep" extension is mentioned in scope of the "BRep format" article. So, I think that issue is still relevant.

From my point of view "Storage of shapes" should be revised too.