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0028098Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2016-11-13 19:052020-05-22 22:47
[OCCT] 7.5.0* 
0028098: Visualization - errors in tests when using OpenGL ES (ANGLE)
When building OCCT in GLES mode (HAVE_GLES2=true) using ANGLE libraries, about 80 tests fail. Here is a list of different problems observed:

1. Export to vector formats (PDF, SVG etc.) GL2PS does not work (as expected?)

test 3rdparty export *
test bugs vis bug21091_*
test bugs vis bug22796_3

2. Command vboundings does not draw a box [0029823 should fix the issue]

teat bugs demo bug24873_1

3. Exception Aspect_GraphicDeviceDefinitionError: OpenGl_Window, EGL is unable to create surface for window!

test bugs vis bug280_2
test bugs vis bug280_3
test bugs vis bug349
test bugs vis bug349_1

4. Error: Mipmap NPOT Textures (500x205) are not supported by OpenGL ES 2.0

test bugs vis bug1188
test bugs vis bug24376
test bugs vis bug24622
test bugs vis bug25544_graytexture

5. Line styles (width, dashing) are not applied

test bugs vis bug10781
test bugs vis bug22016
test bugs vis bug23407_2
test bugs vis bug23709_* (note that tests _3 and _4 are insensitive)
test bugs vis bug26945

6. Problems with text rendering (subtitle and blend modes)

test bugs vis bug22879

7. Userdraw objects do not work (apparently this is expected)

test bugs vis bug23067

8. Division by zero in vsetbg -tiled

test bugs vis bug23102
test bugs vis bug25475

9. vfeedback command is unsupported on current platform.

test bugs vis bug23227

10. vdump or vreadpixel failure: warning on usage of on-screen buffer + Unhandled GL error: GL_INVALID_OPERATION

test bugs vis bug23747_2
test bugs vis bug24728
test bugs vis bug25611_1
test bugs vis bug25611_2
test demo samples dimensions
test demo samples penrose
test v3d glsl distinguish_off
test v3d glsl stipple_line
test v3d glsl texture_trsf

11. Markers do not work

test bugs vis bug24131_markers_bitmap
test bugs vis bug24131_markers_sprites

12. Ray tracing is not supported

test bugs vis bug26404
test bugs vis bug26676
test bugs vis bug26975
test bugs vis bug27083
test bugs vis bug27337
test demo samples raytrace
test v3d glsl msaa
test v3d glsl tiles
test v3d materials bug24855
test v3d materials bug24872_2
test v3d raytrace *
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related to 0029823closed bugmaster Visualization, TKOpenGl - highlighting by Bounding Box mistreats Local Transformation 
related to 0031478verified bugmaster Visualization, TKOpenGl - allow uploading Cubemap in compressed DDS format when supported by GPU 
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related to 0030746assigned bugmaster Jenkins - USE_GLES2 has no effect on Windows builds 
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2016-11-13 22:31   
In addition, there are diffs in images on tests:

test bugs vis buc60738,bug6897_1 (with ANGLE, shape is shown with constant green color)

test bugs vis bug23226 (left 8 ">"s are not shown)

test bugs vis bug23363 (cylinder is shown shaded)

test bugs vis bug23747_1,bug26434 (no environment mapping)

test bugs vis bug23804,bug23813,bug24224,bug24725,bug24930,bug25369,bug26434,bug5988,bug9517 (no textures)

test bugs vis bug24131_markers_core (no markers in master version - !!!)

test bugs vis bug27624 (no background of text)

test demo samples dimensionsglsl (no dashing on capping)
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    0028098: Visualization - errors in tests when using OpenGL ES (ANGLE)
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