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0027923: Environment variable INSTALL_DIR_LAYOUT is not documented
The environment variable INSTALL_DIR_LAYOUT is not documented.
This variable is used by cmake when OCCT is building from sources.
There is a corresponding complaint from one of our customers.
He uses several platforms: Linux & Windows:
"Speaking of linux, unfortunately the linux version has some bugs, if you compile opencascade yourself:
Make install puts and in CASROOT/bin on linux however on windows they are placed directly in CASROOT.
This means of the wrapper points to the wrong directory on linux...

Setting INSTALL_DIR_LAYOUT=Windows of OCCT (cmake) it works as expected
for (2) and (3) - however I am on linux and the default is
INSTALL_DIR_LAYOUT=Unix - having to change that is rather unexpected and
not documented.
Please fix this - maybe if you read the value of INSTALL_DIR_LAYOUT and
configure the paths appropriately."

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