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0027606Community[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2016-06-15 12:352016-12-09 16:37
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0027606: Visualization - view is blocking when MSAA has been overridden in graphics driver settings
When changing the number of MSAA samples, then rotating or fitting the view and then changing the number of MSAA samples again, the view is blocking and cannot be rotated anymore.

I don't know whether it is a general problem or related to my graphics driver:
OpenGL info:
  GLvendor = 'ATI Technologies Inc.'
  GLdevice = 'ATI FirePro V5800 (FireGL) Graphics Adapter'
  GLversion = '4.5.13399 Compatibility Profile Context FireGL 15.200.1062.1004'
  GLSLversion = '4.40'

I was able to reproduce it with the official OpenCASCADE7.0.0-vc10-64 setup on Windows 10 (64 bit).

TKOpenGl.OpenGL | Type: Error | ID: 1282 | Severity: High | Message:
  GL_INVALID_OPERATION error generated. The SAMPLES values of the read and draw framebuffers should match.

TKOpenGl.OpenGL | Type: Error | ID: 3010 | Severity: High | Message:
  glBlitFramebuffer failed because the framebuffer configurations require that the source and destination 
formats and sample counts match (GL_INVALID_OPERATION)
- Set MSAA settings to 4x "Override any application setting" in graphics driver.
- Execute script:
vgldebug 1
box b 10 20 10
vinit View1
vdisplay b
vrenderparams -msaa 2

Bug: antialiasing does not change and view is blocking, cannot be rotated
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related to 0026711closed bugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization, TKOpenGl - support creation of multisampling off-screen FBOs 
png blocking view.png (83,342) 2016-06-15 12:38
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2016-06-15 13:46   
It is better reporting issue to your graphics driver vendor - there is nothing we can do with driver bugs at application level.
Although your card designed in '2010 is already in legacy list of AMD (not based on GCN architecture) as far as I can see.

MSAA in OCCT works fine on AMD Radeon HD 7700, AMD Radon R9 290, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650, Intel HD Graphics 2500 and many other GPUs with up-to-date drivers.
OpenGL info:
  GLvendor    = 'ATI Technologies Inc.'
  GLdevice    = 'AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series'
  GLversion   = '4.5.13431 Compatibility Profile Context 16.150.2211.1001'
  GLSLversion = '4.50'

2016-06-15 14:02   
Hello Timo, please check that you have the newest version of drivers for your card.
2016-06-15 14:16   
After updating my graphics driver, the problem is still there.

OpenGL info:
  GLvendor = 'ATI Technologies Inc.'
  GLdevice = 'ATI FirePro V5800 (FireGL) Graphics Adapter'
  GLversion = '4.5.13411 Compatibility Profile Context FireGL 15.201.2401.0'
  GLSLversion = '4.40'
2016-06-15 14:28   
If I leave out the vfit, then there is no problem in changing the number of samples.
2016-06-15 16:19   
After checking on another computer, we found out that the problem is related to the settings of the graphics card driver.

If the driver overrides the application settings, defining a lower number of samples, e.g. 4, compared to the number of samples defined via OCC then the problem occurs.
If the driver uses the application settings, there is no problem.

This behaviour does not seem to be correct. If the driver settings override the application settings, the view should use the number of samples defined by the driver settings.

Can you reproduce the problem now?
Is there a way to find out, whether the driver ovverrides the application settings?

The other computer had the following graphics card:
OpenGL info:
  GLvendor = 'NVIDIA Corporation'
  GLdevice = 'GeForce GTX 950/PCIe/SSE2'
  GLversion = '4.5.0 NVIDIA 358.91'
  GLSLversion = '4.50 NVIDIA'

So, it does not seem to be a driver bug.
2016-06-16 12:00   
Branch CR27606 has been created by kgv.

SHA-1: ffacecf941c74c1011958948c19ea4ed86d5be5e

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: kgv
Date: Thu Jun 16 12:00:49 2016 +0300

    0027606: Visualization - view is blocking when MSAA has been overridden in graphics driver settings
    OpenGl_View::blitBuffers() - try disabling MSAA on glBlitFramebuffer() failure
2016-06-16 12:14   
(edited on: 2016-06-16 12:19)
> If the driver settings override the application settings, the view should use the number of samples defined by the driver settings.
Driver options overriding application settings is a terrible hack for applications that are not aware of some features - like MSAA at the moment when it was introduced - graphics vendors wanted to advertise their feature to users on existing applications.

This worked fine for old applications which rendered directly to the window (driver just needs to create MSAA window buffer) but became totally unusable nowadays with using off-screen buffers in rendering algorithms. You can find a lot of articles on the web concluding that overriding MSAA settings in driver settings has no effect on majority of modern games and for some of them causing graphical issues (depending on driver); for example,2868-7.html [^]

OCCT is an example of these applications - it uses offscreen FBOs and driver is unable to override them properly. And since this is _overriding_ on driver level - graphics API does not report to application actual configuration of window format (e.g. WGL_SAMPLES_ARB), driver intentionally _lies_ to application! Therefore application is unable to handle this situation correctly (and technically does not have to - this is a hack in driver, its a driver responsibility to make it working or at least harmless).

So in general, user should not expect that overriding application settings in driver settings should be harmless / should have effect, and therefore should avoid using such settings (use per-application profile instead).

2016-06-16 12:16   
(edited on: 2016-06-16 12:17)
Patch is ready for review in branch CR27606.
Test case is not needed (scenario depends on driver settings).

2016-06-16 12:58   
Branch CR27606 has been updated forcibly by kgv.

SHA-1: 451d14c066253ff89133cb1b8c5ca87964c94f8b
2016-06-16 13:02   
Branch CR27606 reviewed without remarks, ready for testing.
2016-06-16 18:20   
Branch CR27606 has been updated forcibly by mkv.

SHA-1: 5d0846282fbdf5e73b70dcaabef8ad7862822742
2016-06-17 15:19   
Dear BugMaster,
Branch CR27606 was rebased on IR-2016-06-16 branch of occt git-repository.
SHA-1: 5d0846282fbdf5e73b70dcaabef8ad7862822742
2016-06-17 15:20   
Dear BugMaster,
Branch CR27606 from occt git-repository (and IR-2016-06-16 from products git-repository) was compiled on Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms and tested on Release mode.
SHA-1: 5d0846282fbdf5e73b70dcaabef8ad7862822742

Number of compiler warnings:

occt component :
Linux: 0 (0 on IR-2016-06-16)
Windows: 0 (0 on IR-2016-06-16)
MacOS : 0 (0 on IR-2016-06-16)

products component :
Linux: 68 (68 on IR-2016-06-16)
Windows: 0 (0 on IR-2016-06-16)
MacOS : 1135

No regressions/differences

Testing cases:
Not needed

Testing on Linux:
occt component :
Total MEMORY difference: 87937428 / 89141601 [-1.35%]
Total CPU difference: 19430.329999999998 / 19458.52999999997 [-0.14%]
products component :
Total MEMORY difference: 27460618 / 27412842 [+0.17%]
Total CPU difference: 5156.479999999995 / 5165.429999999985 [-0.17%]

Testing on Windows:
occt component :
Total MEMORY difference: 55894770 / 55903796 [-0.02%]
Total CPU difference: 18325.15666819888 / 18535.758018198954 [-1.14%]
products component :
Total MEMORY difference: 18649467 / 18614185 [+0.19%]
Total CPU difference: 4984.840353899948 / 4998.802443399952 [-0.28%]

There are no differences in images found by testdiff.
2016-06-17 15:20   
Dear BugMaster,
Branch CR27606 is TESTED.
2016-06-24 12:58   
Branch CR27606 has been deleted by inv.

SHA-1: 5d0846282fbdf5e73b70dcaabef8ad7862822742