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0002755Community[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2003-05-26 11:152006-06-29 09:15
[OCCT] 5.1.1 
0002755: Boolean Bug in OCC5.0 with the shape having a ellipse curve
Bug from Open CASCADE community
Bug has been registered by Lee Sangsu [^]

The new boolean algorithm fails when shapes have ellipse in their wires.

I made a profile consisted of a ellipse (whole or partly). then made a prism
from it and applied a boolean algorithm( any boolean fuse,common,cut...) to the
shape and other shape(any shape).
Then the appl crashes.
No other curve type make such a crash. Only the ellipse does.

P.S. This only occurs with debug dlls.
The release version of OCC was ok.
P.S. I tested more, and found that it is becasue of prism operation.
I made a revolution from an ellipse, and boolean operation, it was ok.
and My debugger goes into the below source, and dead confronting
:: From Extrema_ExtPS.cxx
case GeomAbs_SurfaceOfExtrusion: {
Extrema_ExtPExtS anExtPExtS(P,
myuinf,myusup, myvinf,myvsup, mytolu,mytolv);
myDone = anExtPExtS.IsDone();
if (myDone)
for (i = 1; i <= anExtPExtS.NbExt(); i++) {
TreatSolution (anExtPExtS.Point(i), anExtPExtS.Value(i));

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