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0027499: Configuration, CMake - add option INSTALL_NAME_DIR on OS X
On OS X libraries are usually installed not system-wise but within application bundle, having therefore relative installation paths.

Unlike on Windows, OS X linker does not look the libraries near executable location. To simulation the similar behavior, executable and libraries are usually use install_path with path specified though virtual @executable_path location.

Although this path can be changed using install_name_tool on OS X (unlike Linux, where path can be specified only at library building time), it is still more convenient to specify this path at libraries building step to avoid complex scripting at application packaging step.

CMake allows specifying the root of this path though INSTALL_NAME_DIR option:
set_target_properties (${PROJECT_NAME} PROPERTIES BUILD_WITH_INSTALL_RPATH 1 INSTALL_NAME_DIR "@executable_path/../Frameworks").

Therefore it is proposed to add this option in user interface.
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    0027499: Configuration, CMake - add option INSTALL_NAME_DIR on OS X
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