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0026968Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Configurationpublic2015-12-08 16:122015-12-14 16:22
[OCCT] 7.1.0 
[OCCT] Unscheduled 
0026968: Configuration, Tcl - the usage of CSF_ variables should be revised in connection with CMake build procedure
The usage of CSF_ variable by CMake build procedure has been updated. See 0026835 . There is the need to synchronize the made changed in this procedure with the generation of the Visual Studio solution by another approach - genproj.tcl.

Also genproj.tcl should ignore vtk* libraries from EXTERNLIB file (they are introduced by 0026993)
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related to 0026835closed bugmaster CMake should consider CSF_ variables from EXTERNLIB file for each toolkit 
child of 0026993closed bugmaster Configuration, CMake - use the abstraction level of VTK instead CSF_VTK for their libraries 
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