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0026957Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Shape Healingpublic2015-12-05 22:002017-08-16 14:15
[OCCT] 7.4.0[OCCT] 7.1.0 
bugs heal bug26957
0026957: Unify same domain operation is slow for multiple shells
DRAW command unifysamedom works several times slower for shape consisting of 6 shells than for the same shape where all faces are collected in one shell. Besides, the result in the first case contains 6 shells and only one face (5 of shells are empty).

The problem was detected by comparing performance of test demo samples snowflake in OCCT 6.9.1 and the argument of unifysamedom command in this test is generated by Boolean operations, and due to changes in how they work with shells, its structure has changed.

Note that behavior is the same in OCCT 6.9.1
restore [locate_data_file bug26957-w-700.brep] a1
time {unifysamedom r1 a1} ;# works ~ 1.0 sec
sewing a2 0.0 a1
time {unifysamedom r2 a2} ;# works ~ 0.3 sec
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? bug26957-w-700.brep (75,931) 2015-12-05 22:02
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2017-08-16 14:15   
Problem described in issue is not reproduced on current state of OCCT. Fixed in OCCT7.1.0.