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0026331Community[OCCT] OCCT:Documentationpublic2015-06-10 13:272019-09-04 17:45
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0026331: Documentation of compgraph parameter of STEPControl_Writer::Transfer () is missing
The code documentation as well as the STEP User's guide does not explain the third parameter of the function STEPControl_Writer::Transfer().

As stated on the forum [ [^]], when STEPControl_Writer::Transfer () is called multiple times in order to export a list of shapes to a common STEP file, the performance might be bad because the third parameter "compgraph" of the Transfer function is true by default. It means after every translation of a shape the graph is rebuilt.

Instead this parameter can be set to false and only after all shapes are translated the graph can be built once only by:

  writer.WS()->ComputeGraph(Standard_True );

The documentation should explain the meaning of the parameter and possibly hint at better performance, when it is set to false and the graph is explicitly built after all translations.

IFSelect_WorkSession::ComputeGraph contains some documentation which might be used in part.
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