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0025970Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Shape Healingpublic2015-03-23 11:202020-09-11 16:48
[OCCT] 7.6.0* 
0025970: Shape Healing - enable parallel reconstruction of pcurves
As reported e.g. in 0022598:0034439, it is typical that most of the time of data translation from STEP is taken by reconstructing pcurves (projection). This operation can be easily run in parallel, as pcurve is generated independently for each edge (there is some dependency however through evaluating the same surface, this should be resolved by 0024682 if each thread uses its own surface adaptor).

See ShapeFix_Wire::FixEdgeCurves() as the main function. Note that apart of pcurve projection, SameParameter operation can also take considerable time and may deserve paralleling.

The parallel execution should be enabled by some option available in ShapeFix_Wire and also in DE resource files (see ShapeProcessAPI).
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related to 0024682closed bugmaster Open CASCADE Move out B-spline cache from curves and surfaces to dedicated classes BSplCLib_Cache and BSplSLib_Cache 
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Branch CR25970 has been created by azn.

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Author: azn
Date: Tue Mar 31 13:44:33 2015 +0300

    25970: Shape Healing - enable parallel reconstruction of pcurves
    - Parallel context for adding pcurve has been updated.
    - Fix some problems connected with dataraces and locks.
    - Integration of parallel processing pcurves to the ShapeFix_Wire::FixEdgeCurves();