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0025754Open CASCADE[OCCT] Website:Trackerpublic2015-01-26 18:142017-09-14 20:23
0025754: Mantis should allow selection of any person in the filter
When 'All' or 'OCCT' is selected as current project in Mantis, filter in View Issues should allow selecting any of the persons assigned to shown (sub-)projects in the fields "Reported", "Monitored by", and "Assigned to". This is not the case now (it seems that only persons assigned on global level are present), thus this functionality is rather useless.
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Select any project with sub-project(s) and check "Reporter", "Monitored By:" and "Assigned to" fields.
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has duplicate 0026685closed isv Mantis View Issues form - developer is missing in "Reported by" and "Assigned to" fields 
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2015-08-25 11:53   
It seems that filter does not show persons with restricted access (e.g. which has access only to specific projects) for global search - and the list is quite small right now.

This makes impossible to see all issues assigned to specific person regardless of the projects (project restrictions should be applied to the actual user, not requested one).

Please consider fixing the issue if possible.
2017-09-14 20:23   
Fixes the bug related to the lack of developers and reporters in "Reporter", "Monitored By:" and "Assigned to" fields

The "Reporter" and "Monitored By:" fields show users with the role of reporter and higher for current project and its sub-projects.
and the field "Assigned to" displays the developers of the current project and its sub-projects with the role of developer and higher.

This is a known issue for the MantisBT, but has not yet been fixed [^] [^] [^]