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0025467Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Visualizationpublic2014-11-12 13:272021-02-25 12:51
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0025467: Visualization - Possibility to remove AIS_LocalContext class
AIS_LocalContext has the following roles:

  1. Local selection currently works in a local context only. This looks rather an artificial limitation, because the selection mode management and the selection algorithm itself do not care about local/global contexts.

  2. Temporary selection environment. A convenient aspect is that all local selection modes are deactivated automatically when a local context is closed, and previously active global selection is restored. Using local contexts, a stack of selection states is organized, but it is not clear if more than one local context has ever been used in practice or not.

  3. Temporary visualization environment. Interactive objects displayed in a local context are marked as temporary and they are removed by default when a local context is closed. This is at least a disputable advantage, because normally an application developer wants to fully control the lifecycle of an interactive object.

Meanwhile, the fee is that a lot of code is duplicated among AIS_InteractiveContext and AIS_LocalContext. In general, forcing developers to open a local context in order to use local selection results in numerous issues related to display/erase, display mode management, update of presentations, etc.

The idea is to consider the possibility to get rid of local context and thus simplify local/global selection management. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the features of AIS_LocalContext, which are considered as useful.
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parent of 0027874closed bugmaster Community Visualization - There are no way to add local selection in Global Context. 
parent of 0028162closed apn Open CASCADE Draw Harness - eliminate usage of deprecated Local Context 
parent of 0030450closed bugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization - AIS_InteractiveContext::MoveTo() never uses V3d_View::ImmediateRedraw() 
parent of 0032165verified bugmaster Open CASCADE Visualization - remove obsolete method AIS_InteractiveContext::PurgeViewer() 
related to 0029470closed bugmaster Open CASCADE Samples - eliminate references to deprecated Local Context from MFC sample 
related to 0029425closed bugmaster Community Visualization - AIS_InteractiveContext::SetAutomaticHilight() has no affect 
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Author: kgv
Date: Wed Feb 21 21:42:37 2018 +0300

    0025467: Visualization - Possibility to remove AIS_LocalContext class
2018-02-21 22:54   
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2018-02-22 12:21   
Patch is ready for review.
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Detailed log of new commits:

Author: kgv
Date: Wed Jun 20 08:48:40 2018 +0300

    0025467: Visualization - Possibility to remove AIS_LocalContext class
    Deprecated class AIS_LocalContext has been removed,
    as well as related classes AIS_DataMapOfILC, AIS_LocalStatus,
    SelectMgr_SequenceOfSelector, SelectMgr_DataMapOfObjectSelectors.
    Removed enumeration value AIS_DS_Temporary.
    AIS_InteractiveContext - removed methods related to Local Context:
    ::HasOpenedContext(), ::HighestIndex(), ::LocalContext(),
    ::LocalSelector(), ::OpenLocalContext(), ::CloseLocalContext(),
    ::IndexOfCurrentLocal(), ::CloseAllContexts(), ::ResetOriginalState(),
    ::ClearLocalContext(), ::UseDisplayedObjects(), ::NotUseDisplayedObjects(),
    ::SetShapeDecomposition(), ::SetTemporaryAttributes(),
    ::ActivateStandardMode(), ::DeactivateStandardMode(), ::KeepTemporary(),
    ::SubIntensityOn(), ::SubIntensityOff(),
    ::ActivatedStandardModes(), ::IsInLocal()
    ::AddOrRemoveSelected() taking TopoDS_Shape.
    SelectMgr_SelectionManager has been simplified so that now it
    support only single Viewer Selector; eliminated code duplication.
    Draw Harness - removed unused commands vsetam, vunsetam.
    Removed argument -local from commands vselmode, vremove, vdisplay, vdisplayall, verase.
    Removed unused methods ViewerTest::StandardModeActivation(), ::PickObject(), PickObjects().
    Removed test cases related to testing Local Context issues.
    The methods AIS_InteractiveContext::Display() and ::Load()
    taking argument theToAllowDecomposition have been marked as deprecated;
    the new methods without this unused argument should be used instead.
    AIS_InteractiveContext::DisplayedObjects() - removed argument theOnlyFromNeutral.
2018-06-20 11:34   
Please take the patch. [^]
2018-06-20 19:34   
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