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0025444Community[OCCT] OCCT:Foundation Classespublic2014-11-02 10:042017-08-14 17:18
Roman Lygin 
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0025444: Enabling user-defined deleter for NCollection_Handle
Until this enhancement NCollection_Handle would enforce deletion of the object passed to its constructor. However this must not be done in the scenario when the handle does not own but just wraps the object.

Consider the following scenario:

class MyType; //not manipulated by handle

class MyTypeOwner
    std::unique_ptr<MyType> myObject;

std::vector<Handle_Standard_Transient> v; //holds OCC handles and need to store raw pointers MyType*.

v.push_back (new Geom_Circle (...));
const MyTypeOwner& o = ...;
NCollection_Handle<MyType> h (o.myObject.get());
v.push_back (h);
//upon leaving the scope, v will nullify handles, each handle will attempt to delete MyType pointers although it does not own it

The enhancement introduces user-defined deleters similar to what C++ standard smart pointers do. The current behavior is preserved by using NCollection_Handle_DefaultDelete as default template parameter.

The above code can be now reworked as follows:
NCollection_Handle<MyType,NCollection_Handle_EmptyDelete<MyType> > h (o.myObject.get());

Unlike C++ standard, deleters objects cannot be passed as constructor arguments. For simplicity they are always internally created and thus must meet DefaultConstructible requirement. If stronger standard compliance is required and deleters object are to be stored then implementation must foresee size optimization (e.g. as described here [^]).
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    0025444: Enabling user-defined deleter for NCollection_Handle