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0025308Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Codingpublic2014-10-01 13:122020-09-11 15:34
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[OCCT] 7.6.0* 
0025308: TCollection_ExtendedString, NCollection_String - merge classes for string management
There are several classes for string management with different capabilities but similar usage scenarios:
- TCollection_AsciiString. Main class for strings management in OCCT.
  Assumes fixed-length 1 byte long characters.
  Provides formatting tools (LeftAdjust/RightAdjust/LowerCase/Capitalize/UpperCase).
  Provides sub-string search tools.
  Does not aware of UTF-8, but can transparently store such strings.
- TCollection_HAsciiString. Wrapper for TCollection_AsciiString for smart pointer creation.
- TCollection_ExtendedString. This class has been originally designed to store wide (UNICODE) strings in OCCT, mostly used in OCAF persistence, but rarely outside.
  Assumes fixed-length 2 bytes long characters.
  Defines Standard_ExtCharacter as short, should be converted explicitly to wchar_t on Windows.
  Provides formatting tools (LeftAdjust/RightAdjust/LowerCase/Capitalize/UpperCase).
  Provides sub-string search tools.
  Expect string in UTF-16 encoding, but unaware of surrogate pairs.
  Has constructor from UTF-8 string (isMultiByte flag).
- TCollection_HExtendedString. Wrapper for TCollection_ExtendedString for smart pointer creation.
- NCollection_UtfString. Template class for UNICODE strings. Currently used in visualization for text rendering and interaction with FreeType.
  Assumes multibyte UNICODE characters (UTF8, UTF-16 or UTF32).
  Stores length (in UNICODE characters) and buffer size.
  Provides iterator NCollection_UtfIterator for efficient multibyte string processing (as alternative to accessing character by index).
  Provides methods to convert UNICODE string from/to system locale and between UNICODE variants (UTF-8/UTF-16/UTF-32).
  Does not provide string formatting capabilities.

It is considered to revise these classes to eliminate code duplication.

In addition, methods of class Resource_Unicode should be revised.
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related to 0022484closed bugmaster UNICODE characters support. 
parent of 0027676closed bugmaster Foundation Classes - define Standard_ExtCharacter, Standard_Utf16Char using C++11 types char16_t 
related to 0027838closed kgv Foundation Classes - support wchar_t* input within TCollection_AsciiString and TCollection_ExtendedString 
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