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0025302: Incorrect locale and unicode support in Draw console
Draw tcl console process locale strings incorrectly. The files with unicode or locale symbols are processed properly.
Please use the following script:

set s сабака
put $s

set s [encoding convertto utf-8 сабака]
encoding convertfrom utf-8 $s

vdrawtext сабака 0 0 0 255 255 255 0 0 0 1 50 0 Mona 1

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related to 0022484closed bugmaster UNICODE characters support. 
related to 0026380closed bugmaster OSD_SharedLibrary - handle UTF-8 file paths 
png dtext-codec.png (7,347) 2014-10-19 22:55
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2014-10-19 22:46   
which encoding do a have to use for "dtext"?
2014-10-20 10:24   
Hello Sebastian,

Command "dtext" is old one and it uses system API to draw text (TextOut on Windows and XDrawString on X11). It will work correctly only for strings containing plain Ascii text (in range 0-127). Please use vdrawtext command instead. If you have strong need to use old DRAW graphic interface, you can try to improve it to support Unicode...