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0025239Open CASCADE[OCCT] PRODUCTS:Training materialspublic2014-09-12 14:432019-10-03 13:29
[OCCT] 6.7.1 
[OCCT] 7.5.0* 
0025239: Training materials - Edit /Pivot menu item is not working
"Edit / Pivot" point menu item as for Astre as for Satellite is not working at all. Probably event handler - function process the signal incorrectly.
1.Start application and create new Document
2.Select menu item 'Command/Astre' and fill the appeared dialog box with next values:
X=10; Y=10;Z=10; R=120
3.Select the appeared in 3d Viewer object and call pop-up menu.
  Select menu item 'Edit / Pivot'
No any visible result on the screen.
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2017-05-25 14:45   
Hi Natalia,
Could you check it. It seems pure GUI problem.
MFC version works incorrectly. Attempt to call pop-up menu displays wrong (default) menu without Edit menu item. if it works - works very unstable.
2017-07-25 18:41   
Hi Natalia,
Don't forget about this pure GUI bug.