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0002502Community[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2003-04-28 15:572006-06-29 09:15
[OCCT] 5.1.0 
0002502: Bug in IntCurve_IntPolyPolyGen::Perform
Bug from Open CASCADE community

Author: Fran├žois Lauzon [^]

when I import a step file, it crash in the method Perform of
IntCurve_IntPolyPolyGen around line 475, in the following code:

if(EIP.NbRoots()==0) {
//-- On supprime tous les segments voisins
for(Standard_Integer k=sp+1;k<=Nbsp;k++) {
Standard_Integer kk=TriIndex[k];
if( Abs(SegIndex1-PtrSegIndex1[kk])< Nelarg
&& Abs(SegIndex2-PtrSegIndex2[kk])< Nelarg) {
what is appening is that kk gets a value of -11, so it's out of bound for
PreSegIndex array and PreSegIndex2 array, if I add a check for negative kk index
it's working, but I guess it might not be a bug fix, you might want to check why
it's not working. If you need the step file, I can supply it, but it's a bit
big to post it.
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gz ofv-occ2502-v1.tar.gz (7,050) 2003-04-29 14:43
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