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0024560: Integration of e-mail mechanism in discussions that take place at ORG portal
Org portal has mechanism of email notification. It would be great if there will be the possibility of the reply on the received notifying email will automatically post on the ORG forum as message by replayed user.


1. justin bieber has registered with nickname justin_bieber_fever and with e-mail
2. justin_bieber_fever has subscribed on ORG forum.
3. user with Peter name has posted in somewhere at ORG forum.
4. notification about the prev action (Peter's post) has been sent to email of justin_bieber_fever user
5. jastin is so excited and he has replied: "Peter, your idea of OCCT developing is very useful and i want to help you with it"
6. ORG forum engine has received this replied email and posted it as reply on Peter's message by justin_bieber_fever user.
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related to 0024561new bri Integration of e-mail mechanism in discussions that take place at DEV portal 
related to 0024562new bri Integration of e-mail mechanism in discussions that take place at tracker 
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Have you seen such mechanism on any web-site? (Please, if so, give some examples)
At the moment I see one pitfall at least: a lot of people configure "auto-reply" feature when they are away, e.g. in a business trip. Will not it be a good spam-generator?

Placing a reply form inside the e-mail body is not a way out - I deem a lot of people plainly will not receive the form (filters on mail servers, proxies, clients).