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0024258Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2013-10-14 21:002019-09-04 12:18
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0024258: Documentation - Classes in TKBO toolkit lack documentation
Significant part of public API (classes and their public methods) does not contain proper documentation. In particular:
- Classes BOPAlgo_PaveFiller, BOPAlgo_Tools, BOPAlgo_WireEdgeSet, BOPAlgo_WireSplitter, BOPTools, BOPTools_EdgeSet, BOPTools_Set, BOPInt_Tools have no even superficial description of their purpose.
- In some classes not all public methods have description (like Images(), ShapesSD(), Splits(), Origins(), IsInterferred() in BOPAlgo_Builder).
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related to 0021762closed emv Integration new Boolean Operation algorithm to OCC 
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Remarks to the first commit:


  //! Prints the information about the shape =>
  //! Prints the information about the input shapes

  //! Sort pave blocks in common block according their tolerance =>
  //! Sort pave blocks in common block so that the first one had the maximal tolerance

  //! Query
  //! Returns true if pave block with index theI
  //! in common block should be sorted
  //! Finds pave block to be placed as first, and returns true
  //! if it is to be sorted.

  //! Initializes the pave block for vertices,which was
  //! used during computing V/V interferences
  //! Initializes pave blocks for edges connected with the given vertex


65: //! Add interfered pave blocks (<thePB1>, <thePB2>) to the map <theMLI>.
theMLI => theMILI

In declarations of methods FillMap change the prefix of variables "tne" to "the".


tag to distinct lines in comments where it is needed.

In 64, remove mentioning of partition.

At 92, remove Iterator declaration completely, as it is not implemented.

103: //! Sets auxiliary attributes to the container
What is "container"? It is better to say "algorithm".

120, 126: occurs => occur
126: two shapes has => two shapes have
127: one shape completely inside => one shape is located completely inside
117-128: it is needed to insert

Please pay attention firstly to the public methods. For this stage, you may not waste time to describe protected and private methods. It is for future commits, do not remove already done work.