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0023245Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Shape Healingpublic2012-07-04 17:322017-07-26 18:11
LinuxMandriva 2010
[OCCT] 6.5.2 
[OCCT] 7.1.0 
heal split_angle_advanced X1
0023245: DT_SplitAngle command regression
There is a regression in command DT_SplitAngle on Mandriva 2010.

In test case did / 010 / C7 after applying of command DT_SplitAngle on shape GOUVERGUI.brep:

result of checkshape command for shape "result" on OCCT652 is normal:
    This shape seems to be valid

result of checkshape command for this shape on current version of OCCT is faulty:
    On Shape faulty_1 :
    On Shape faulty_2 :
    Shape faulty_1 on shape faulty_2 :
    Faulty shapes in variables faulty_1 to faulty_2

Testing was made only on Mandriva 2010
pload XSDRAW
restore GOUVERGUI.brep a
DT_SplitAngle result a
checkshape result
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2017-07-19 19:48   
Problem described in issue is not reproduced on current state of OCCT.