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0023189Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2012-06-04 16:182017-07-20 21:17
0023189: It is useful to have a DRAW command that determines the global surface continuity of a face
Many algorithms (e.g. 3d-offset) require faces with at least C1-continuous surfaces underlying. So, new DRAW command is required.
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duplicate of 0023190assigned msv offset Draw command raise exception "Offset with no C1 Surface" 
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2012-06-04 16:28   
I suggest that the algorithms that require C1 continuity (like offset) could split the input shape by C0 criterion, which should allow them to proceed. The tools for splitting shapes by continuity are available in OCCT (see e.g. command DT_SplitShape in DRAW). Is that feasible?
2017-07-20 10:59   
The command DT_SplitShape can be used to determine surface continuity.
Splitting of shape in offset algorithm is the scope of another bug 0023190.
2017-07-20 11:00   
I propose to close this bug.