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0023084Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Testspublic2012-04-06 11:092017-11-16 14:00
boolean bfuse_complex E4
0023084: The case pkv/900/L7 is not valid
    restore pkv/data/900/pro14260c.rle b1
    restore pkv/data/900/pro14260d.rle b2
    bop b1 b2
    bopfuse r
    checkshape r

    bopcommon r
    checkshape r

    bopcut r
    checkshape r

    boptuc r
    checkshape r

    The results of operations CUT, CUT21 and FUSE obtained in current version of OCCT are not valid shapes. Thus the case pkv/900/L7 is not valid.

    The Case pkv/900/L7 should be analyzed/fixed.
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child of 0022033closed bugmaster Grid Tests: The sets PKV,CHL,CIN,CTE. Detected problems 
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Problem is reproduced on the current master.