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0014673Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Foundation Classespublic2007-01-29 14:272020-12-02 17:11
[OCCT] 7.5.0[OCCT] 7.5.0 
0014673: Provide true support for Unicode symbols
This improvement is inspired by OCC14672: as it turns, regardless of the fact
that OCCT provides class TCollection_ExtendedString and uses it in many places
(e.g. OCAF), de-facto the possibility to store Unicode (or any other non-ascii)
symbols by means of that class is almost never used (at least, not in OCC).

That is obviously bad: if we provide a class capable of storing Unicode
strings, and use it in many places, the possibility to have non-ascii symbols
in it should be supported.

For moving in that direction, the following steps are proposed:

1. Provide methods to convert Unicode string in the form of
TCollection_ExtendedString to other encodings; at least most widespread Ascii-
based encodings like HTML and UTF-8 are necessary

2. Provide method to dump ExtendedString (interpreted as Unicode one) to DRAW
Tcl interpreter (which has complete support for encodings and uses internally

3. Revise the code of OCCT where ExtendedString is converted to Ascii one (they
can be found either by revising modifications made in OCC14672 or directly by
searching OCCT code for "'?'" symbol used in safe conversions, or by
Is(An)Ascii() method), for a goal to provide more adequate conversion.

a) At least, the output to DRAW can use directly Unicode encoding.

b) Another good candidate for such improvement is XML persistence (LDOM* and
other dependent packages) -- see also OCC983 and OCC5032

c) As it seems, the visualisation already contains some code handling Unicode,
though in many cases (e.g. when computing size of text) it converts it to Ascii

d) Package Resource can also be considered. Note that it already contains some
code for converting Unicode strings to and from some far-eastern encodings
(EUC, GB and ShiftJIS) -- see Resource_Unicode class
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Vico Liang   
2016-06-09 20:48   
There is a post "Better support XML Unicode storage in OCAF" [^]
2020-10-26 09:34   
Branch CR14673 has been created by abv.

SHA-1: 44e765c1c346fa6472fc77639db8214b9b019ab8

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: abv
Date: Sun Oct 25 22:10:27 2020 +0300

    0014673: Provide true support for Unicode symbols
    Method converting LDOMBasicString to TCollection_ExtendedString is corrected to consider the original string to be in UTF-8 encoding.
    Construction of TCollection_ExtendedString from plain C string is fixed to consider input string as UTF-8 in multiple other places (identified as described in notes to 0031113).
    Added tests for use of Unicode in some DRAW commands (bugs demo bug14673_*)
2020-10-26 21:36   
Branch CR14673 has been updated forcibly by abv.

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2020-10-27 09:17   
Branch CR14673 has been updated forcibly by abv.

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Branch CR14673 has been updated forcibly by abv.

SHA-1: 03626a8b85ed9f510c7435465d9753ebf1178013
2020-10-28 07:19   
(edited on: 2020-10-28 07:20)
The support of Unicode in different components of OCCT has been added over years and now seems reasonably complete.

The remaining known issues are with XML format where Unicode strings are supported, but in non-standard way (using UTF-16 encoded in own variant of hexadecimal / base16 code). These issues should be resolved later, with consideration of compatibility issues for OCAF and other documents to remain readable by applications based on previous versions of OCCT.

A few places where Unicode was not duly supported (in DRAW, message files, and TObj persistence as described in 0026749) are corrected in branch CR14673, please review. Jenkins tests are OK, see job CR14673-abv.

2020-10-28 08:41   
Branch CR14673 has been updated forcibly by abv.

SHA-1: 131f55f427d6c2e8d2dfd30c4274758d356da111
2020-10-31 12:48   
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Products branch : OCCT-750 SHA - d1791aa18ab401708974b4c974aba57dc55acaa7
was compiled on Linux, MacOS and Windows platforms and tested in optimize mode.

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