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0013106Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Data Exchangepublic2006-08-01 19:102007-01-11 15:36
0013106: STEP AP209 reading: distinguish hybrid models versus design-analysis relationships
This record is follow-up of IMP OCC13105

STEP AP209 Recommended Practices (rev B) allow two cases when SHAPE_

1. Hybrid model (the same like in AP203), see 2.8.5

2. Association between design shape and analysis (idealised) shape, see 2.9.2

Current version of STEP translator always treats SRR as hybrid model in AP203
and translates related shape adding it to the shape translated from the main SR
(note that this can be switched OFF by parameter read.step.shape.representation

This leads to incorrect translation (extra shape) in case if that SRR denotes
relationship between 'design' and 'analysis' versions of the product -- see for
instance file trj9_ap209_mp.stp, translation of product 0000522)

In order to translate such files correctly, we need to be able to distinguish
cases when SRR denotes hybrid model vs. cases when it denotes other cases of
relationships. The distinction criteria can be either name of SRR ('basis' in
case of design-analysis relationship), or existence of SDR referring the
related SR, or both -- to be investigated
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related to 0013105closed abv Revising of parameters of STEP translator 
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