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0013105Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Data Exchangepublic2006-08-01 18:462012-01-13 18:02
[OCCT] 6.1.1 
0013105: Revising of parameters of STEP translator
Following bug with STEP documentation described in OCC12994, the new
(previously undocumented) parameters of STEP translator have been renamed and

This IMP is registered for integration of relevant changes (the attechment
Documentation remark, added by ABV 2006-08-09 10:18:50:

New features:


STEP translator now will read additional shapes attached to main shape of the
PRODUCT with SHAPE_REPRESENTATION_RELATIONSHIP entities regardless of contents
of main shape (previously they were read only when main shape was empty).
Though this is correct according to AP203 and AP209 (mixed model representation
), this may lead to reading unwanted entities (such as auxiliary lines written
in this way by some CAD systems). Use parameter read.step.shape.relationship to
manage this situation.

Modified entities:
Other changes will be documented in OCC12994

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related to 0012994closed atp Undocumented parameters in STEP and IGES translators 
related to 0013106assigned abv STEP AP209 reading: distinguish hybrid models versus design-analysis relationships 
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