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0010886Community[OCCT] OCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2005-12-12 17:592011-11-23 18:07
[OCCT] 6.1.0 
0010886: Forum 9220: Memory leak in IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector
This problem has been reported on OCC Forum by Tibor Mirjanszky
<>. See Forum thread 9220: [^]


I have been using the class IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector, and it seems to me
that it is loosing memory.
If I insert a "delete Ptr;" after "Ptr->Destroy();" in
IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector::Destroy(), then it stops doing it. Is it a bug
or should I use it somehow else?


According to fast analysis by MSV, it should be actually a bug: "delete Ptr;"
should be called instead of "Ptr->Destroy();"
Documentation remark, added by msv 2006-01-31 17:03:22:

The memory leak (mentioned in the thread 9220 on the OCC Forum) in the code of
the class IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector has been eliminated. Now the destructor
of this class properly frees all allocated memory.
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tgz OCC10886_msv_patch_v1.tgz (1,959) 2005-12-12 16:23
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