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Affected Issues  0033530: Data Exchange, Step Import - Implement GENERAL_PROPERTY support
Changeset 0033530: Data Exchange, Step Import - Implement GENERAL_PROPERTY support

The necessary classes for GeneralProperty support were added.
The ReadMetadata method was created for reading and saving attributes.
mod - dox/user_guides/step/step.md Diff File
mod - src/RWStepAP214/RWStepAP214_GeneralModule.cxx Diff File
mod - src/RWStepAP214/RWStepAP214_ReadWriteModule.cxx Diff File
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add - src/RWStepBasic/RWStepBasic_RWGeneralPropertyAssociation.cxx Diff File
add - src/RWStepBasic/RWStepBasic_RWGeneralPropertyAssociation.hxx Diff File
add - src/RWStepBasic/RWStepBasic_RWGeneralPropertyRelationship.cxx Diff File
add - src/RWStepBasic/RWStepBasic_RWGeneralPropertyRelationship.hxx Diff File
mod - src/RWStepRepr/FILES Diff File
add - src/RWStepRepr/RWStepRepr_RWBooleanRepresentationItem.cxx Diff File
add - src/RWStepRepr/RWStepRepr_RWBooleanRepresentationItem.hxx Diff File
add - src/RWStepRepr/RWStepRepr_RWRealRepresentationItem.cxx Diff File
add - src/RWStepRepr/RWStepRepr_RWRealRepresentationItem.hxx Diff File
mod - src/StepAP214/StepAP214_Protocol.cxx Diff File
mod - src/StepBasic/FILES Diff File
add - src/StepBasic/StepBasic_GeneralPropertyAssociation.cxx Diff File
add - src/StepBasic/StepBasic_GeneralPropertyAssociation.hxx Diff File
add - src/StepBasic/StepBasic_GeneralPropertyRelationship.cxx Diff File
add - src/StepBasic/StepBasic_GeneralPropertyRelationship.hxx Diff File
mod - src/StepBasic/StepBasic_MeasureValueMember.cxx Diff File
mod - src/STEPCAFControl/STEPCAFControl_ConfigurationNode.cxx Diff File
mod - src/STEPCAFControl/STEPCAFControl_Provider.cxx Diff File
mod - src/STEPCAFControl/STEPCAFControl_Reader.cxx Diff File
mod - src/STEPCAFControl/STEPCAFControl_Reader.hxx Diff File
mod - src/StepData/StepData_ConfParameters.cxx Diff File
mod - src/StepData/StepData_ConfParameters.hxx Diff File
mod - src/StepData/StepData_StepReaderData.cxx Diff File
mod - src/StepRepr/FILES Diff File
add - src/StepRepr/StepRepr_BooleanRepresentationItem.cxx Diff File
add - src/StepRepr/StepRepr_BooleanRepresentationItem.hxx Diff File
add - src/StepRepr/StepRepr_RealRepresentationItem.cxx Diff File
add - src/StepRepr/StepRepr_RealRepresentationItem.hxx Diff File
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